Saeco Aroma and Saeco Vienna Plus Reviews

Saeco Aroma and Saeco Vienna Plus Reviews

Saeco Aroma and Saeco Vienna Plus Reviews

Saeco Aroma Review

The Saeco Aroma espresso machine, produced in Italy, was introduced to serve the needs of those people serious about their lattes and cappuccinos, yet seek a quick and reliable self-service facility in their own homes. It features a patented Panarello milk frother and a high-pressure portafilter.



The Saeco Aroma espresso machines do not impress us. The café-quality cappuccinos, lattes, and espresso satisfied even our strong coffee taste buds the Saeco made with its 15-bar power pump.


Ease of Use

Кофемашина ручная Philips-Saeco Aroma inox – купить с доставкой: по цене от  2900.00грн. в Киеве | Coffee-Boom

The Saeco has a large water tank that’s large enough o need re-filling only once or twice a week if you’re living alone. It also features a stainless steel housing that’s easy to clean up once you’re done making your espresso.

The Saeco is also extremely fast. The entire process of taking out the milk, placing your shot glasses under your portafilter, placing the coffee grounds in it, adding milk, and brewing your froth will take under 2 minutes, which is great if you’re always on the run.


Build Quality

Fast Heat. We’ve timed this machine, and it took a little less than 2 minutes to boot up for brewing. That’s much faster than boiling a cup of water in an 800 W microwave or brewing drip coffee.
Strong Portafilter. Its Portafilter is a strong duty, giving you increased confidence when dealing with this machine.
Stylish Design. The Aroma sports a stylish, up-to-date look that will go well with the modern stainless steel countertop that most kitchens have nowadays.
Rust-free. None of the stainless steel parts of the Saeco, including the grates under the nozzles, will rust in the next 5-8 years.
Adaptability to a Wide Range of Coffee Pods. It does not restrict the Saeco Aroma pressure filter to any coffee brand, and you are free to try a wide range of espresso brands when using it. Just make sure the beans are ground well.
Cup Warmer
Кофе эспрессо — Как приготовить идеальный эспрессо | Lavazza



If you go into comparisons, the Saeco Vienna Plus Super Automatic is more affordable, but also won’t last as long as this one. The Gaggia classic sports all the same features as Saeco Aroma but for a slight increase in price which we, frankly, don’t find justifiable. But if you go for a Rancilio in the same range, you’ll get only a basic home range machine which does all the same things and is made of nicer parts. All you want is an excellent coffee drink. Both Rancilio and Saeco Aroma do this equally well.


What’s in the Box

Saeco Aroma Nero (RI9373/11) купить в интернет-магазине: цены на кофеварка  эспрессо Saeco Aroma Nero (RI9373/11) - отзывы и обзоры, фото и  характеристики. Сравнить предложения в Украине: Киев, Харьков, Одесса,  Днепр на -

  • Removable water tank
  • Removable drip tray
  • Exclusive Panarello device for milk-frothing
  • Steam wand
  • Hot-water wand



The Saeco Aroma espresso machine review itself is good value for money and sports most of the features of a state-of-the-art quick espresso maker. However, read up on the customer service quality at Saeco, which is not always pleasant. In fact, it could do with some major improvements. If you’re fine with poor customer service with a great machine, go for the Saeco Aroma by all means!


Saeco Vienna Plus Review

The Saeco Vienna Plus is a high-end automatic consumer espresso machine that lacks many of the features of some lower-priced machines but makes up for it by brewing a significantly better espresso. By focusing on the fundamentals and leaving out some of the unnecessary extras, you get a great cup of espresso without any extra work.



Where the Saeco Vienna espresso machines really shine is on its taste. Sitting at the high end of the consumer level espresso machines has its privileges. Saeco has decided to ditch a lot of the fancy displays and dials that change the coffee grind or the taste by microscopic increments and focus on what really matters; making a good cup of espresso without having to make sure that 100 different dials are in the correct place.

The crema on this espresso is good, and the taste is surprisingly even, with no hints of a bite towards the end. During our tests, we never saw grounds in the cup, which you can sometimes find on low-end machines.


Ease of Use:

ROZETKA | Кофеварка эспрессо SAECO Vienna Plus. Цена, купить Кофеварка  эспрессо SAECO Vienna Plus в Киеве, Харькове, Днепропетровске, Одессе,  Запорожье, Львове. Кофеварка эспрессо SAECO Vienna Plus: обзор, описание,  продажа

One of our favorite features about the Saeco Vienna superautomatica is that it is really easy to use. Yes, there are options that you can use to adjust how your espresso is made, but you won’t be able to change every variable that you could possibly think of. This makes using the Saeco Vienna Plus espresso machine extremely easy for beginners to get a hand with and also gives more experienced baristas a few major things that they can change to try and squeeze the best-tasting espresso out of their machine.

Cleaning the machine is incredibly simple, and should be done on a semi-regular basis. Descaling should also be done as per the guidelines listed in the user manual. You can do it more often, but it’s really unnecessary and time-consuming to do so.


Build Quality:

The build quality on the Philips Saeco Vienna plus is good in the short term but can be problematic over longer periods. The general impression that I have of Saeco is that their products are designed to last about two years. You will get good service out of your machine for that long, but after the honeymoon period passes, there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

Refurbished Saeco Vienna Plus Espresso Machine RI9737/21 - Espresso Machine  Experts

While we do focus on some other aspects of the Saeco Vienna plus superautomatic espresso machine (taste and ease of use) first, the average lifespan of this machine means that while it may last you a bit longer, I would really only buy it if you are looking for a good espresso machine to hold you over temporarily while you search for a more stable, prosumer-grade one.


Add Ons/Accessories:

Sticking to it’s focus on the most important features, the Saeco Vienna plus only has a few major add-ons that is consistent with most other automatic espresso machines. The biggest ones are the water reservoir, coffee bean hopper, and grinder, which make life easier all around. Alongside that, you will get a frothing device that is very high quality for the price.



The Saeco Vienna plus does a lot of things right; it makes a good espresso, has all the right moves when it comes to how easy it is to use, and has some simple but great add-ons that only add to the experience. Where is really falls short is in the build quality category, with many machines breaking after a couple of years. While it is still a very fine machine, we would recommend that if you do decide to buy it, you make sure to think about looking for a new machine after the two-year mark as a precaution.

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