Krups XP1020 & Krups XP5220 Reviews – Only Espresso Machine 

Krups XP1020 & Krups XP5220 Reviews – Only Espresso Machine 

Krups XP1020 & Krups XP5220 Reviews – Only Espresso Machine

The Krups espresso machine xp1020 has a number of great features that can help you brew a mean cup of espresso at home.


One of the down sides with taste on this machine is that it doesn’t let you adjust brew strength to your preferences. However, we really didn’t taste much of a difference between this coffee and our local Starbuck’s coffee.

Как быстро изменить экстракцию при приготовлении эспрессо


Ease of Use

Krups xp1020 steam espresso machine comes with a removable filter that makes it much easier to clean by letting you get into the small nooks and crannies. Owing to a steam power base and the fact that it works on only 750 watts, it’s a bit less powerful than other machines we’ve reviewed. So, don’t be surprised if it takes a bit long to heat up before you can make your java. The time difference isn’t much and it still allows you to enjoy a cup of espresso at home much faster than it takes to drive down to your local Starbucks.

Krups xp 1020 espresso machinedoes, however, fail to provide a full FAQs list with this product which makes it a bit difficult for newbies to catch on when learning how to use it. However, you can find a product manual that can be downloaded from their website.

Build Quality

  • Measuring about 11 by 8-1/2 by 9-2/5 inches, it weighs 6 pounds only, which is a pound lighter than most espresso machines.
  • Large Water-tank Capacity: The 4-cup water-tank allows you to brew large pots of coffee (up to 4 cups full) at a time and stop having to come back to make more when visitors come over or pulling an all-nighter. This makes it a good fit for people who like to drink generous volumes of coffee.
  • Allows Quick Clean Up – Burn-Out Protected metal porta filter comes with it; removable drip tray allows quick cleaning of deeper places.
  • Quality Stainless Steel Accents – That makes it less prone to rust.
  • Dishwasher safe carafe – While most people probably aren’t concerned about needing a carafe that’s safe in the dishwasher,  this can be a handy feature that lets you quickly wipe everything clean once you’re done making a yummy latte.
  • Glass Carafe Lid – The lid is specially made from glass carafe to help maintain warmth in the drink within.
  • Stay-cool Handle
  • Sleek Look with silver accents that fits in well with any kitchen
  • Easy Switching to Steam Mode – It features a large oversized knob for control that flips easily to give you steam mode.
  • Power Cord Too Short– It’s a bit on the shorter side than most cords nowadays which can be pretty inconvenient depending on where you’re setting it up.


  • Steam Wand Removable
  • Filter–Both double and single- shot filter baskets. The removable filter makes it much easier to tamper down your espresso ground. This is an important step in making a good cup of espresso.
  • 7-gram coffee scoop


Krups xp 1020 is a compact unit, which makes it a good choice for those seeking a space-saving espresso machine for their countertops that doesn’t work too bad. Its black stainless steel accents gel well with all kinds of kitchen decors. Although it only works on 750 Watts, it doesn’t take more than 3 to 4 minutes to brew a good cup of coffee. If you’re looking for something compact and not too expensive that makes decent coffee, you might want to try this.

Krups XP5220 Review

The Krups XP5220 espresso machine is good for what it can do, which is brew decent espresso. Unfortunately, there are too many problems with the way that the machine is built to make it a good choice for long term use.


Архив: Krups xp5220: 3 300 грн. - Кофеварки / кофемолки Бурштын на OlxTaste

The taste of the espresso is good. Not great, but good. While you don’t have a lot of options with how you want to brew the shot, you will still get a good espresso each time you use the machine.

Ease of Use

Again, this machine is very easy to use, as there are only a few settings and techniques that really need mastering in order to make an espresso.

Build Quality

The build quality is the big issue here. There are more faults with this machine due to it’s build quality than anything else, which is the main reason that we can’t give it even a full review.

In general, the machine does not perform it’s job for as long as it should, and has a fairly high failure rate at around the 12 month mark. This is extremely troubling as even a good machine can be destroyed by shoddy long-term performance.

Sitting in the middle of the consumer region in terms of price, there are plenty of options at or around this price range that offer reasonable espresso and will last for far longer.


The steam wand on this machine is it’s main accessory, but unfortunately it suffers from the same lack of quality construction as the rest of the machine. Given that steam wands are susceptible to high heat and pressure, you would expect that they would have a fairly high tolerance level for damage, but in this case that is simply not true.

We came into reviewing the Krups XP5220 wanting to love it. It’s simple, good looking, and brews a good espresso, especially for it’s price range. That being said, it’s build quality is downright disastrous, and for the amount of money you’re spending it just isn’t worth it. If you are spending slightly above your budget, then you should forget about it and buy something a bit cheaper. If you’re trading down in the hopes that you’ll get a good budget machine, it’s far more worth it to buy a machine that is slightly more expensive than this and get a much higher quality machine.


Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Coffee Machines | Buying Guides | Guides & Advice |

So you’ve got finally decided to invest in buying an espresso maker to embellish your kitchen area. Now, the next step is to equip yourself with the proper knowledge that what features and characteristics you should try to find while buying a or second espresso machine.
To help assist you in making this choice easier, here are a few important features of an ideal espresso machine which you need to look for once you’re out on the hunt.
In the first place, first you need to find out exactly what a typical espresso machine is consisting of. A normal espresso maker is composed of;
�    Water reservoir
�    Pump
�    Boiler
�    Portafilter
�    Steaming
�    Thermostats
�    Grinder

Let us skim through each aspect of determine what it does and what you ought to look for while buying.

1.    Water Reservoir

This is actually the container the location where the water is available to the use. You don�t need to be very concerned with its size as its best to never have much water reserved. It�s always easier to keep changing the reservoir water when the machine is not used for very long .

2.    Pump

Pump plays an important role in coffee making, as it forces the water to the boiler first after which through the coffee grounds pressurized. There’s a myth that the maximum amount of the force will be, as better the extraction would be. However, there’s no reality to this myth plus a bar pressure of Eight or ten is sufficient to make quality extraction. Therefore, while searching for your espresso machine, only consider two factors about its pumps; the one that it creates 8-10 bar pressure and second it’s composed of quality material.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide- BestBuy

3.    Boiler

It’s the part, which is actually accountable for the brewing process. Water is boiled inside the boiler and so it’s the size, weight and style of boiler that means something most than its material. All boilers are at the mercy of lime and mineral scale buildup as time passes, so that you don’t must be particularly concerned with its material. Most espresso maker makers utilize the boiler both for brewing and steaming purposes. However, for prime budget semi-autos and super auto machines, steamer and brewer have separate boilers. The only real difference you have with combined and separated boilers will be the interval of 45-75 seconds in combined one with no waiting here we are at the separated one, when you press the steam button.

4.    Portafilter

The most crucial section of an espresso machine is Portafilter, which actually props up coffee beans for the brewing process. Ideally, it ought to be composed of forged brass when compared with Aluminum, just because a heavy grouphandle retains more heat also it feels solid concerning the durability superiority the equipment. The filter basket in Portafilter ought to be sufficient to contain 7 to 14 grams of coffee.

Buying Guide: How Coffee Machines Work | Harvey Norman Australia

5.    Steaming

Steaming wands are indispensable for the frothing process and manufacturers utilize a number of methods to operate the steaming wands. Some use a knob while others use a lever or even a button, analog or digital, to activate the steaming wand. It’s always better to should you prefer a knob or lever than the usual digital button as knob is readily repairable and durable.

6.    Thermostats

Thermostats would be the indicator of warmth pressure in your boiler, that is utilized to point out brewing heat and steam pressure. Most manufacturers install different thermostats for measuring the temperature of boiler and steam. You should look your barista has a thermal fuse installed, that is a great tool for overheat protection.

7.    Grinder

Grinder is the most important part of an espresso maker, like a correct grinder is essential for any fresh, flavorful espresso. When evaluating the Grinder, you should be ready to create a a bit more investment, bearing in mind a low budget blade grinder would spoil the taste of your espresso. You may make a mouth-watering espresso simply by utilizing a fine, sharp blade grinder. Built-in-grinders needs to be given preference over separate grinders, since they grind quickly and provide a very hot espresso.
Develop that this guide is effective for you to make your decision easier. It’s thought that getting a perfect coffee maker is very difficult, however if you’ve got proper knowledge and guidance it’s merely a matter of budget you need to look after.

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