Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT Coffee Machine Review

Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT Coffee Machine Review

Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT Coffee Machine Review

Jura Impressa J9 review

The Jura Impressa J9  is a one-touch automatic coffee machine that can prepare a full range of deliciously tasting coffees easily. You can use the machine’s modern Thin Film Technology display to select the coffee of your choice and it will quickly be made for you.

Jura ensures that the milk foam quality will be of a feather-light consistency using fine foam technology. Many customers have attested to the consistent and quality results of this coffee machine.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Energy save mode
  • Multi-level conical burr grinder
  • High performance 15-bar pump
  • Thermoblock heating
  • Integrated descaling and cleaning program
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Despite the negative feedback that we have just discussed, most of the customers have left extremely positive reviews for the Jura j9 coffee machine for many of its attributes.

One of the most common sentiments that have been expressed by the customers is that this machine makes great-tasting coffee in a consistent manner. When it comes to your favorite way to enjoy coffee, no matter what preferences you have, this machine will be able to cater to your needs. It offers a high degree of customizability for strength, size, and temperature.

The reviewers have found the machine to be very easy to clean. For example, the coffee maker will alert you when a self-cleaning mode is required to be commenced. The coffee grounds are ejected as pellets that can be regularly thrown away. In addition, the tray will not let itself overflow and will let you know when it should be emptied.

The coffee maker has proven to be easy to use. It has been reported that the screen interface is simple and intuitive enough so that the user can quickly and easily customize their required coffee.

The energy-saving features of the product have also pleased the customers. There is an available option that turns off the ‘keep warm’ setting. This will save energy and will only delay the user by 15-20 seconds when they require another cup of coffee later on. There is also a setting that will turn the unit off after a period of non-use. Jura maintains that energy-saving features can reduce your energy consumption by 40%.

Finally, there have also been compliments made for the design of the coffee maker.


The Jura Impressa J9 has received a huge amount of positive feedback from its customers. However, we thought we should discuss the small number of criticisms that have been leveled at the product so that our readers can be as highly informed as possible about this coffee machine.

There have been reports made about the noise level of the coffee maker. Particularly when the machine is grinding coffee beans or when the pump is not working reviewers have found it to be quite loud. Despite this, other customers have argued that it makes no more noise than other coffee makers and such an issue shouldn’t affect an individual’s decision as to whether the machine constitutes a valuable purchase.

The upkeep of the machine is something to consider. The product requires cleaning tablets and filters to keep it clean every few months. Once you run out of the included materials in the machine’s Welcome Kit you will have to start purchasing them in order to ensure that the machine stays clean.

Complaints have also been made about the low height of the spout and the use of plastic in its design.

You can CLICK HERE if you would like to read through the customer reviews that have been made for the coffee maker. You can also find some suggested cleaning tips that customers have put forward and seen some photos that they have uploaded.



Would we recommend the Jura Impressa J9 to our readers?

Certainly, and here is why:

The customer feedback for this machine has been excellent and some customers have argued that this is the best, fastest, easiest, and cheapest way that you can enjoy a great-tasting cup of coffee.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use coffee maker that delivers consistent results, that are easy to clean, and will save on energy costs then we highly recommend that you consider investing in this product.

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