Сan you froth creamer? – What do you need to know when choosing froth creamer?

Сan you froth creamer? – What do you need to know when choosing froth creamer?

The tradition of adding milk to tea or coffee is very popular. These cocktails are distinguished by their unique taste and are very popular. No less interesting are their improved versions, where milk is whipped into a fluffy, light foam. A classic example is latte and cappuccino – milkshakes decorated in this way. Since it is very problematic to create such a froth by hand, built-in cappuccinators are used in modern coffee makers and automatic coffee machines. Well, if you do not have either one or the other device, you can buy a milk frother that performs exactly the same function. Unless coffee or tea will have to be prepared separately.

The methods what can you froth creamer

Unlike the aforementioned cappuccino maker of the coffee machine, the frother does not whip the creamer with a stream of heated steam, but mechanically, using a metal whisk attached to the bottom of the container. Milk is whipped almost immediately, in a few seconds. The device operates from the mains and consumes relatively little electricity, because its power is much lower than, for example, an electric kettle. The frother even has several operating modes, which the cappuccinatore cannot always boast of:

Cold foaming.
Frothing creamer without heating. It is so convenient to prepare original refreshing milkshakes.

Hot foaming.
The classic version of the foam used to create lattes, cappuccino and other espresso-based drinks.

Heating milk.
The creamer heated in the frother will not burn and will not absorb the unpleasant smell of the dish material, because the walls are made of completely neutral metal with a non-stick coating. What a child needs, and even adults, will not hurt.

Coffee cream frother – everything you need to know

Coffee cream frother (cappuccinatore) is a specialized device designed to emulsify coffee creamerfor the preparation of latte, cappuccino, espresso, mocachino, macchiato and other classic coffee drinks.
The cappuccino maker is not the most necessary item in the house. But, if you are a connoisseur of well-prepared coffee, then it will definitely come in handy for you. With its help, at home, you can make delicious coffee with creamer whipped into a fluffy foam, just like in the nearest cafe.

Coffee cream frother classification depending on the type of device:

Independent – this can include presses, autonomous automatic models and creamers – are necessary if you prepare coffee separately in a Turk, cezve or geyser coffee maker, and only then pour the milk froth into it.

Automatic – designed for coffee machines. It is enough to connect them to the device, and the process of making cappuccino and other drinks with coffee creamer will be as simple as possible. Many modern coffee makers have a built-in cappuccino maker.

Features of the principle of operation of different frothing creamer

There is a significant difference in the very principle of frothing coffee creamer with different devices.

Press – such a device is rarely seen anywhere in our time. Froth creamer takes place in a metal stainless container, in which the milk is frothed manually by applying physical efforts. You can also heat coffee creamer on the hotplate at the same time.
For example, an autonomous automatic foamer – they look like a small independent stationary device. The principle of operation is based on the enrichment ofcoffee creamer in the process of whipping with air. The foam thus formed is manually added to the coffee to create a cappuccino or latte.

The automatic foamer has a built-in spray bottle. Thanks to him, the milk froths due to the treatment with hot steam. In the end, you will have a fluffy froth, which lovers of good coffee so appreciate.

What features should you pay attention to when choosing a foamer for a coffee machine?

There are three types, differing in the type of connection.
If you already have a coffee machine, but want to expand its functionality, in order to be able to make delicious coffee with lush milk foam at home, you should consider purchasing a steam cappuccinatore. Otherwise, it is called steamer. It looks like a long tube that goes into the froth creamer.

In older models of coffee machines, where the manufacturer did not provide a connector for the foamer, it can be connected to the connector on the Pannarello attachment. After connecting the froth creamer and turning on the coffee machine, the process of drawing in coffee creamer through a specially designed tube into the container of the cappuccinatore starts. The whipped foam, which is formed in such an interesting way, is added to the finished coffee after preparation through a separate opening in the coffee machine.

In modern models of coffee machines, if there is no foamer in the basic configuration, then a special connector for it is necessarily provided. Foaming milk is even easier here. It is enough to connect the cappuccino maker, select a program with a drink and in a couple of minutes you will get a fragrant drink without any effort.

The most advanced coffee machines are equipped with a very convenient automated function for rinsing the cappuccino maker immediately after use. This saves you the hassle of removing the attachment and washing it by hand after each use. Admit it, it’s very convenient.

Regardless of what kind of coffee machine you have, the plug-in device works according to the same principle. The difference can only be in the more comfortable use of expensive modern devices, which have a wider range of additional functions.
According to the principle of operation, there is no difference in both models.

What do you need to know when choosing a manual froth creamer?

If you are a gourmet and like to experiment with coffee, but you do not have a coffee machine, and you do not plan to buy one, then you should think about purchasing a manual cappuccinatore. The stand-alone device is perfect for a personalized coffee brewing experience. It will greatly facilitate the process of froth creamer.

But there are several types of them:
The automatic froth creamer is more bulky – it consists of a container, most often made of stainless steel, and a spring, which is triggered by a built-in electric motor. The device is closed, looks like a small teapot. The device is powered by the network.

There are stationary milk frothers, but they are very light, compact, have a stylish appearance and do not take up much space in the kitchen. After switching on, the spring rotates, the milk is enriched with oxygen and the foam is formed. This froth creamer has a pre-warming function for milk from the very beginning.

Convenient in that foam splashing in different directions is excluded. Easy to operate. It is enough to pour milk into the bowl, close the lid and set the desired mode. The device is turned off automatically after completion of the process.

Manual model – similar in appearance and action to a mixer. It can work from different power sources. A removable whisk is attached to the compact device that fits comfortably in the hand. After switching on, it begins to rotate with a certain intensity, while saturating the milk with oxygen. As a result of such manipulations, a lush milk foam is formed.

The device is very convenient for a creative approach to the design of the drink. The advantages of the manual model include its low cost, especially in comparison with the automatic model, it is light, small, easy to store and take care of. You can take it with you on a visit, to the dacha, on a business trip, in order to pamper yourself and those around you with your favorite drink.


Which to choose stationary or manual frothing creamer?

Naturally, the choice depends on whether you have a coffee machine at home or if you brew it by hand.
If there is no coffee machine, then you should think about buying a device that works on mechanics.

In this case, pay attention to the following parameters:
Price category – the cheapest are self-contained handheld foamers. In terms of the quality of the froth, it is not inferior to automatic cappuccinatorers, the only difference is that yours will have to take a little time and take a direct part in the preparation of the frothing creamer.

The presence of heating is an indispensable feature for those who love hot coffee. With it, your drink will always be at the ideal temperature. The design of the device includes several spirals that heat the drink.

Care – it is not only compact and does not take up much space, but also easy to clean. To do this, it is enough to rinse the nozzle under running water and the device is ready for use again.

Availability of additional functions – these devices are usually not burdened with the ability to adjust the foam density and a large selection of the whisk rotation speed, but this does not affect the quality of the foam. You will get the same result as with an automatic foamer, only for a longer period of time.

If you are a happy owner of a coffee machine, then the selection criteria are slightly different.

Process automation level. There are two options for connecting foamers to coffee machines.

The first option, when the cappuccino maker is already built into the device for preparing coffee drinks. You just need to program the device and you will receive your coffee.

The second option is to connect it to the connector for the Panarello attachment. In this case, you need to have complete control over the entire milk frothing creamer process.

A prerequisite for avoiding injury (burns) is the presence of a deep bowl that can be easily held in your hands.

Price. Naturally, the most expensive will be modern models with a built-in cappuccinatore.

Multifunctionality – available only to models that are initially built into coffee machines. With their help, you can adjust the fluffiness of the foam, its thickness, the temperature of the drink and much more. To do this, simply enter the appropriate parameters on the display of the device.

Care – the easiest to maintain automatic built-in foamers, which are automatically rinsed by the coffee machine itself after each frothing creamer process. Steam blowing agents are more difficult to clean. After their work, you have to manually wash not only the nozzle, but also the device itself, since milk is often sprayed out of the tube, contaminating the walls of the coffee machine and the surrounding surfaces.


Barista tips frothing coffee creamer

Choosing a device is a very responsible procedure. But, without knowing some of the basic subtleties of making coffee drinks and using appliances, you cannot achieve a good result.

In order for the foam to be thick and fluffy, it is necessary to use high-fat milk. 5% fat is considered ideal. Such milk is hard to find in supermarkets, so you can buy 3.2-3.5%.

An equally important indicator when choosing milk is the concentration of protein in milk. This data can be found by examining the label. The optimal protein content is 100 grams. milk should not be lower than 2.8%. If you choose milk with a lower milk content, the foam will be low and porous.

For lovers of thick foam, it is better to give preference to a manual frother with voluminous nozzles, otherwise you will have to whip the milk for a long time to the desired consistency.

The quality of the final beverage is influenced by the type of coffee you use. If you save money and buy cheap coffee, then no cappuccino maker will help you make a delicious latte or cappuccino.

The milk container (pinscher) must not be more than ½ full.

After cooking, the foam should be immediately poured into the cup. Otherwise, it will quickly settle.

If several large, ugly air bubbles form during the foaming process, don’t worry. It is very easy to get rid of them. To do this, it is enough to hit the pinscher with the bottom on the table surface several times, and then mix the contents of the container with several smooth circular movements clockwise.
Ultimately, you should have a dense, homogeneous mass, without bubbles.

The process of frothing milk can be roughly divided into 2 stages:

Preparatory – lukewarm milk (35 ° C) is whipped, holding the rotating part of the nozzle near the surface. As a result of the rotation of the milk mass, a high, friable foam head is formed.

The main one – there is a gradual heating of the resulting mass to a temperature of 65 ° C. At the same time, the whisk goes down as deep as possible, breaking the head of foam and large bubbles, and at the same time forming a homogeneous, viscous structure of the foam.
What inaccuracies in preparation can lead to the fact that the drink is not tasty?

Under no circumstances should milk be boiled. If you are worried about your health, then give preference to milk bought in the supermarket, not in the market.

The pressure level set in the coffee machine is important. To obtain foam, it should be in the range of 1.2 ± 0.1 bar.
It is imperative to rinse the frother nozzle after work so that it does not become clogged with milk residues, in which harmful microorganisms are very fond of multiplying.

Using a dirty nozzle to make a drink can lead to health problems. Also, before cooking, inspect the nozzle and remove condensate residues from the walls.

When used for whipping a pinscher, it is dipped into milk at a shallow depth (up to 1 cm) and at a slight angle.
The foam is whipped for the number of cups that you are going to drink at the moment.

The maximum milk temperature should not be higher than 65 ° C. If you overheat it, the foam will quickly settle and become liquid again.


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